Saturday, August 13, 2011

Piranha for Sale Among Rarest of Tropical Fish

Aquarium lovers who want a conversation piece for their fish tank should look for piranha for sale signs during their next visit to the tropical fish store. When you see a sign that says fresh water piranhas for sale, they are referring to the omnivorous breed of fish that are native to the rivers of South America. If the sign says Caribe piranha for sale, they are referring to a special variety of piranha that originate in Venezuela that are distinguished by their extremely sharp teeth and their insatiable appetite for meat. Caribes are considered the most aggressive piranha.

The most common type of live piranha for sale are distinguished by silver scales with orange coloring on the underbelly. When bred in aquariums, they can grow anywhere between half a foot and 10 inches in length, although in the wild piranhas can reach a length of almost 3 feet. Although having them in a tropical fish tank poses little danger to their human owners, piranhas are best kept to themselves in the tank and not mixed with other tropical fish variety due to their aggressive natures.

Any tropical fish enthusiast who goes to a piranha store, contacts a piranha breeder, or responds to an advertisement for piranha fish for sale should know the laws in their state regarding the legality of buying and selling piranhas. Many individuals are attracted to owning these rare fish for sale, but just because there are piranhas for sale in California or piranhas for sale in New Jersey doesn't necessarily mean it is legal to buy them or own them. In fact, wondering where can I buy piranhas in California is a futile activity because this is one of more than half a dozen states where selling piranhas is an illegal activity. Individuals living in Pennsylvania or New Jersey won't have a difficult time finding out where to buy piranha because these are two of the states where purchasing them is legal. So before an individual gets their heart set on finding a pet piranha for sale, they had best check with their state laws to see that they won't be breaking the law.

Many individuals opt to buy piranha online from reputable dealers who specialize in more unusual fish like sharks for sale. There are a variety of piranha to choose from, ranging from red bellied piranha for sale and wimple piranha for sale to baby black piranha for sale. Red belly piranha for sale online is among the most popular categories of tropical fish because of their reputation as ferocious meat-eaters.

When considering any purchase of piranha for sale, it is important to thoroughly understand all the elements of piranha care in order for these fish to enjoy a life expectancy of at least a decade or more. Because piranhas produce a large amount of waste materials, they must be housed in an aquarium that has a superior filter system as well as plenty of water per square inch of fish size in order for them to remain healthy. In addition, the tank water must be kept consistent around 80 degrees Fahrenheit but no warmer than 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The fish tank must be carefully and thoroughly disinfected prior to introducing them to their new home in order to help prevent the rapid spread of any bacterial or fungal infections to which piranhas are especially prone. Seek prompt assistance if any piranha show discolored scales, a noticeable reduction in movement or any bleeding or the appearance of lesions on their fins or scales.

Proper diet is an important part of good piranha care. Although they thrive on meat, they must also receive other nutrients in their diet to keep it balanced. In addition to supplying piranhas with fresh beef, chicken, and live or frozen worms as the basis of their diet, they should also be supplied with fresh raw vegetables, including potatoes, zucchini and dark greens as often as possible.

Any tropical fish fan who feels intrigued by a piranha for sale advertisement has a lot to learn before he can purchase piranhas and bring them to his home aquarium. First, he must determine that piranha for sale are legal in his state, whether purchased at a retail store or online, and that he is willing to take all the necessary steps regarding providing a safe environment and proper diet in order to allow them to thrive.

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