Wednesday, May 2, 2012

U-Haul One Way Rates Are Designed to Make Moving Economical

U-Haul one way rates are among the most competitive in the rental truck business. They are able to offer such low rates because they deal in very large volume. Their name is recognizable across the country, and most people who even think about moving will automatically consider this company as their first choice for a rental truck. In fact, theirs is a name that is practically synonymous with economical moving. In most cases, consumers pack their belongings in boxes without the assistance of professionals and then also load the truck themselves. This can tremendously lower the cost of moving, whether it’s a move across town or across the country.

U-Haul Offers Great Service

Although U-Haul rates for one way moves are among the lowest in the business, they nonetheless offer desirable services to their customers. Each of U-Haul’s fleet of rental trucks features a low deck and wide ramps to make loading and unloading as seamless as possible. The company also helps its customers avoid the bone-jarring bounce that is often associated with moving trucks with their Gentle-Ride Suspension. Rental trucks available from this company have excellent fuel economy and all customers are eligible for 24-hour roadside assistance, granting enormous peace of mind no matter how long or short a move may be. The customer’s reservation is always guaranteed, meaning that the specific equipment they require for their move will be available at the time and date of their reservation, without fail.

People who are making a major move will find that the U-Haul rates compare favorably with their competitors. As an example, consider a person making a move of approximately 1,300 miles. The rental truck company estimates that the customer would require use of the truck for five days to complete their move. At that rate, rental of a 10 foot truck, which is big enough to move a studio or a one bedroom apartment, would cost approximately $691. A larger family with more possessions to move will clearly require a bigger truck. A 20 foot truck can move a home that contains up to three bedrooms for a 1,300 mile move for around $860. The largest truck in the U-Haul fleet is a 26 foot behemoth that is capable of moving a home that has four or more bedrooms. Of course, if you have an excess of stuff to move, you can always attach a trailer to the back of the truck to haul the rest of your belongings.

Though U-Haul is an economical solution for long distance moves, it also makes good sense with a round trip move. People who are moving within the same town may be able to pick up their rental truck and return it to the same location. Doing so involves no extra charges. U-Haul two way rates for shorter moves make financial sense for the do-it-yourself mover. For such a short move, the company calculates one day of use and an approximate 30 mile radius. Using these figures, it is possible to rent a 17 foot truck that can move a home with two bedrooms for about $90. Even the largest, 26 foot truck that can move a large family costs only $112 for the day. With the convenience of being able to rent and return at one location, there is no easier or cheaper way to move.

Saving Money with U-Haul

For a move within town, many consumers think it is wise to rent a smaller truck and make more trips. In reality, it makes financial sense to rent a larger truck and do the whole move in one trip. You’ll require the truck for a shorter period and incur fewer mileage charges. You’ll also spend less money on gas. That all translates to you saving a great deal of money on your move. Always remember, when it comes to renting a truck for a move, a truck that is a bit too big is always a better deal than a truck that is too small and requires multiple trips.

A one way move is priced slightly differently. The company calculates many figures into determining the price, including the size of the truck, how many miles will likely be traveled and the dates of the move. For an accurate quote for your particular circumstances, it makes sense to contact the company. U-Haul one way rates, and those for two way moves, are easily among some of the most competitive in the rental truck business.