Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Benefits of Selling XL Tops for Women

Women’s shirts and blouses come in a lot of different sizes but the most popular size is the XL tops for women. If you are an online retailer looking to maximize your profits then focusing the vast majority of your women’s shirts in size XL will allow you to appeal to a wider customer base.

If you are a small home based business and sell tops for women then you can save money on listing fees and increase your customer base if you look specifically for XL tops. If you purchase used inventory from a local thrift store to resell on eBay then you will find the majority of clothes for sale at the thrift store are tops in XL. The reason for this is that XL is the most popular women’s size. Even with obesity and weight problems at an all time high; XL is still the most popular tops size for women.

Brick and mortar retailers endure many of the same challenges as home based eBay clothing sellers. The problems include how to minimize the amount of inventory you have to carry while keeping enough stock on hand to appeal to the majority of your customers. By stocking the most popular sizes of tops the brick and mortar retailers such as fashion stores at malls can count on most of the walk-in traffic to the store will be able to find an assortment of clothing and tops that will fit them.

Large clothing for plus sized women is definitely high in demand, but as a small retailer you will be able to maximize your profits by focusing solely on the most popular sizes and styles of women’s clothing. You obviously will lose a few customers who cannot find clothing in their size from your retail store or eBay store; however the majority of people who see your stock will be able to purchase something in their size. This is how you will be able to get repeat customers is by focusing on a specific niche within the clothing industry and then treating all potential customers with great respect. For the women who cannot fit into your clothing line you can always suggest another retailer online and then work out a deal with the retailer so that when you refer a new customer to them you get a commission on the initial sale.

Some new Internet clothing sellers begin by trying to price cut every other store and offers the lowest price. As a new clothing retailer you do not want to begin you business by trying to “price cut the big boys” such as Wal-Mart, Old Navy, and Forever 21. You will never be able to compete with them on price and remain profitable in the long run.

As a new clothing retailer you need to focus great customer service. You may not have the cheapest clothing for sale but if you provide great customer service and your customers trust you then many of them will continue to return and buy from your store. The lifetime value of a customer is truly amazing. It is easier and cheaper in the long run to retain customers as opposed to constantly trying to get new customers. If you treat you customer well then they will spread your news by “word of mouth” which is the best type of marketing any business can have.

When a woman is able to find XL tops for women in the store or online that fit her and she gets to buy them for a fair price then you can almost be assured that she will return to your store or Internet site and at least consider you for a future purchase.

It is highly recommended that if you want to a have a successful and profitable clothing store that you not only carry the most popular sizes but also carry a variety of the most popular sizes tops in different styles to appeal to different fashions. You can carry a variety of styles including dressy tops for women, trendy tops, and the newest fashion designer tops.

Is your niche market going to be elderly women or young girls? You can be successful selling tops for women in any market, however in this case young girls will often be a better bet than targeting the elderly. Younger girls tend to have more expendable income that they will spend on clothing. These girls and young women will be more apt to spend money to get new tops that follow the current fashion trends and fads. Older women tend not o follow the current fashion trends so they will wear the same style tops for many years regardless of what the current fads and trends are.

XL tops for women are the most popular size; however if you do not carry styles and fashions that are popular with your target market then you will not be able to sell enough tops to stay in business and remain profitable.

When you buy a wholesale lot of tops for women you will often be able to buy a variety of styles. Some of these tops will be able to be heavily marked up and sell quickly. Some of the tops you may have to mark down drastically simply to clear it out of your stock to make room for a new order of tops that will include more blouses that will sell better.

The best tops to buy will vary drastically depending on your target market and your location. Feel free to experiment with new styles if you get a good deal on wholesale tops to resell; but you need to be prepared to drop your selling price drastically and lose money on the purchase if you are not able to turn your inventory around faster. It will be more profitable in the long run to heavily discount the poor selling tops and reinvest in some tops that are more likely to sell well with your target market.

If you want to be successful and make some money selling tops then it is vital that you carry the most popular sizes, a nice cross selection of styles, and good customer service. These factors are vital regardless of whether you are selling your tops for women online or at a traditional brick and mortar style retail store.
The income potential is very large when you sell women’s clothing; but if you are not ready to adapt to changing trends with women’s tops then you will never be able to have a successful business selling XL tops for women.